There is one question that buyers ask home inspectors more than any other questions combined. And, unfortunately, it’s a question that licensed or certified home inspectors can’t answer.

The question comes after the inspector is finished explaining all of the defects of the home to the buyer.

The question is some version of “Should I buy this house?” or “Would you buy this house?”

As a former home rehabber, there are very few houses that are so neglected that they aren’t worth buying.

The better question is “should I buy this house, for this price, given all of the work it needs?”

However, licensed home inspectors in Washington state are not permitted to give advice regarding buying a specific piece of real estate. And if an inspector tells the potential buyer not to buy, their real estate agent is less likely to work with that inspector in the future.

Licensed home inspectors give an unbiased report based on a visual inspection of the home. Yet they may make repair recommendations and even give general price estimates.

Sometimes the inspection uncovers a material defect (major problem) that requires an expensive repair which kills the real estate deal. Although sad for the real estate agent, those inspections likely saved buyers from money pits.

More often, homebuyers will cite findings in a home inspection report to negotiate a better deal if substantial repairs are required.

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