The cost of real estate in Gig Harbor has risen considerably in the last few years.

Is it any wonder why? Gig Harbor is a beautiful place to call home.

Gig Harbor is a charming small town surrounded by Puget Sound waters and framed in by snow capped mountains. Located in Pierce County on the Kitsap Peninsula just over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Gig Harbor is close to world class entertainment and services but far enough away to have a couple acres of land. There is a comfortable blend of modern shopping options and small independent boutiques. Same for restaurants. It has all the popular chains and some delicious independent eateries.

Gig Harbor Map

As a clean and safe area, Gig Harbor is one of the best small towns to live in Washington state! Seriously, Google “best small towns in Washington.” Gig Harbor is on every list.

Because it’s so desirable, Gig Harbor’s population nearly doubled in the last decade (7,126 in 2010 to over 12,026 in 2022). As a result, real estate inventory in Gig Harbor remains well below the demand. This has created bidding wars on almost every property sold.

The real estate market is so hot in Gig Harbor that some homebuyers forgo a home inspection in order to make “as is” offers seem more attractive to sellers. This is not wise, especially if buying at the top of budgets.

Homebuyers should always get a home inspection unless they’re a builder or equivalent expert in homes. If a certified home inspector in Gig Harbor finds one material defect, it can save buyers thousands of dollars.

A home inspection in an unbiased report about the house’s condition including all its major systems. A buyer may be confident that there are no material defects which would kill the deal, but a home inspection still provides valuable information. A good home inspection report is like an owner’s manual for that specific house.

There are a few smaller areas, or neighborhoods, located within Gig Harbor like Canterwood, Rosedale, Artondale, Maplewood, Purdy, Wauna, Vaughn, Olalla and Fox Island. Our service in Gig Harbor includes home inspections in zip codes 98332, 98335, 98329, and 98333.

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